Have You Ever Noticed … ?

There are things right in front of us every day that we just don’t see … or think we see. Some are examples of clever marketing, some are indicators of other things, and some are just plain accidental. So, have you ever noticed …

… the almost hidden arrow in the FedEx logo? It’s very subtle, but it’s there, and it certainly states what the company does.

… how much different fast food products look in advertising than they do in real life? I don’t know how clever that is, but it certainly involves marketing.

… that long standing companies change their logos subtly, over time. Some make minor changes every two or three years. They don’t do it overnight. Unless you’re changing your name, this is definitely clever marketing.

… most prescription pills are dispensed with information that describes exactly what the pill looks like? This may be an FDA regulation, but it’s smart because pharmacies often switch back and forth between the companies they buy generics from.

… that the famous “G” of the Green Bay Packers is also used by the Georgia Bulldogs? But how often do you think of the “dawgs” when you see the “G?” And if it’s green on a gold background, forget about it!

… the Cleveland Browns are the only team in the National Football League without a logo on their helmets? Clever marketing to stand alone … and also a good idea because the team’s actual “brownie” logo looks a little effeminate.

… how common your name is? Go ahead, “Google” yourself and see what happens. Seems I am a minor league pitcher in the Chicago Cubs farm system. Odd. I don’t remember getting a signing bonus or anything like that!

… the grammatical errors in emails and other written communications? This is disturbing. Even resumes come through with the applicant’s name misspelled.

… how bad your handwriting has become since you started using a computer?

… that today’s college students were not around to see John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Richard Nixon and other influential figures in our country’s 20th Century history? Heck, these kids have never even watched a TV that didn’t have a remote.

… how Gen Y doesn’t trust and respond to traditional forms of advertising and communicating? Smart marketers are already looking into My Space, Facebook, email and text messaging for their messages (among other venues).

… your name looks totally ridiculous spelled backwards? Mine is Tnarg Nosnhoj.

… every advertising outlet is more than happy to provide you with confusing data that appear to show why you just can’t pass up the opportunity to work with them? If your company advertises, make sure you have someone who really understands media buying on your side.

… a father can spent countless hours in the yard teaching his son how to throw a football, but when the kid becomes a star and the cameras go on, he says “Hi, Mom!”?

… how car dealers invariably think that it’s a good idea for them to appear in their own TV ads? Earth to car dealers: get an agency that will be honest with you and try to help you SELL cars.

… how many advertisements give you absolutely no reason to buy anything? It’s called “image advertising,” and it’s not very useful.

… how the 2007 Hyundai Sonata looks remarkably like its chief competitor, the Honda Accord, has since 2004? Is that flattery, or an admission of “we can’t beat ‘em, so let’s join ‘em?”

… how you aren’t nearly as good a singer as you thought when you don’t have a CD player or a radio “backing” you up?

… how Lean Cuisine’s Chicken Enchilada Suiza has no chicken in it? Apparently, “Suiza” means “no stinking chicken!”

… how only the really cool people know who John Eddie is? I think this may be part of John’s secret marketing plan to sell his music only to the cool guys and gals.

What do you think?

Grant Johnson

Johnson Direct LLC



  1. Come down to SEC country and ask people about that
    “G”. They won’t be thinking Green Bay, they’ll be
    thinking Dawgs.

  2. Good one, Jay. I thought I might find a few of you SEC types out there. Let’s see, is that the same SEC that lost both of the last two Capital One Bowls to the Wisconsin Badgers? Just kidding. Thanks for stopping by.


  3. And some guy in a fast food store might see a picture of the great hamburger on a sign and pull out a gun (ref: “Falling Down” with Michael Douglas, 1993)

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