JD to the Rescue!


What a fabulous way to finish out the week (we’re closed for the Good Friday holiday tomorrow)!

Today, our multichannel task force here at Johnson Direct officially launched a new market campaign for a client (we’ve had the pleasure of serving this client for about 8 years). After seeing our message that the campaign’s microsite is live, our team got this message from the client in return:

Since our first meeting just seven weeks ago, this ride has been truly amazing. I am so proud of the end-product – and your service. I feel you have rescued our marketing from near-mediocrity. We will be moving forward with a new appearance and attitude. You all captured the fact that our organization is indeed a world-class operation. Now, we look like a national leader. Thanks again to all of you for your patience and cooperation, creativity and wisdom.”

We’ve got a great team here at Johnson Direct. And, I feel so fortunate that we have such great clients!

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