Direct mail as an effective medium has been declared dead more times than Brett Favre retired from professional football.

Yes, advertising mail volume has decreased. Around 85 billion pieces are sent through the USPS yearly. However, consider that 167 billion emails are sent daily.

How is this GOOD NEWS for direct mail?

While the decreased mail volume is bad for the USPS, it’s a good sign for recipients and users, because it means better targeting is being employed. It means less clutter in the mailbox, thus your offering is more likely to be seen. It means you should use, or again consider using direct mail in your marketing mix.

Here are the five things you’ll need to keep in mind as you plan to integrate direct mail into your 2015 marketing initiatives.

Read TOP 5 TIPS: DIRECT MAIL CHECKLIST FOR 2015 by Grant A Johnson, published by Chief Marketer.

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