Must-Have Tech Tools for All Social Media Marketers

Guest blog by Michelle Smith

Your parents think you work for the “Internet.” Your grandparents think you’re some kind of computer genius because you know how to upload photos to Facebook. Your boss knows you’re a necessary component of the marketing team, but still has troubling figuring out what you do.

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Does Your Brand Come Highly Recommended?

A few weeks ago I attended the Insight Summit Series on Public Relations and Social Media at Marquette University. Throughout the many sessions at the day-long summit, I noticed two recurring themes:

1) Without authenticity in your communications, your messages fall on deaf ears and

2) A brand is no longer what the company says it is….it’s what the consumer says it is.

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2014′s Greatest Challenges for DMers

Right now, direct marketers from around the world gather at DMA 2013 to discover and discuss the latest trends, insights and data-driven marketing best practices from business visionaries and top brands. But uncovering ways to improve your marketing spend, bottom line, customer engagement, use of data and technology isn’t as easy as attending a conference or visiting an exhibitor’s booth. Chief Marketer interviewed several DMers to find out what 2014 might bring in terms of big challenges. Our very own Grant Johnson was among the interviewees. Find out what he and the other DMers had to say.