Give Your Public Relations (PR) an Electronic Facelift

ePR-buttonTwenty years ago, public relations – to most people – meant the spreading and sharing of information and news to the general public. If a company wanted to announce a merger to their stakeholders, they would write a press release and then begin the process of submitting to print publications and news outlets for distribution, most often via snail mail. This process would often take days at a time.

Fast forward to today and the core function and purpose of PR has not changed much – it still entails spreading information to maintain a relationship with the general public.  However, the tactics of HOW that information is shared have changed dramatically. You could say that PR has gotten an “e-facelift” for a digital era.

Have your PR efforts been renovated for today’s digital world? If you’re not sure, read on…

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More New Faces at JD

If you know Grant Johnson or any of us on the Johnson Direct (JD) team, you know that we’re notoriously strategic about our growth. Clients consistently rate us highly for our creative approach to measurable marketing and our ability to swiftly roll out new campaigns. We manage this by maintaining a staff of high-caliber professionals who are well versed in MULTICHANNEL marketing and have a proven track record for nimble, responsive account service. It’s not an easy formula to fulfill. That’s why we’re continually open to interviewing talented candidates who want to be a part of our “make it happen” culture.

Our patience for finding the perfect additions to our account services department has really paid off. I’m pleased to introduce you to Colleen (February) and Becky (May).
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