10 Keys to Measurable Marketing Copy Success

Ever wonder just how long your copy sentences or paragraphs should be? Have you asked yourself how many bullet points is too many or if your DM letter really needs that P.S.?

Writing copy from scratch or rewriting copy to make it fresh is challenging. Instilling relevancy in your words, emulating the right tone for your brand and spurring action among your readers are obstacles your copy must overcome to be effective.

The above questions are just a few of the common ones we hear from clients, among others. Grant Johnson answers them all in 10 Keys to Measurable Marketing Copy Success, published recently by iMEDIA Connection.

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Give Your Public Relations (PR) an Electronic Facelift

ePR-buttonTwenty years ago, public relations – to most people – meant the spreading and sharing of information and news to the general public. If a company wanted to announce a merger to their stakeholders, they would write a press release and then begin the process of submitting to print publications and news outlets for distribution, most often via snail mail. This process would often take days at a time.

Fast forward to today and the core function and purpose of PR has not changed much – it still entails spreading information to maintain a relationship with the general public.  However, the tactics of HOW that information is shared have changed dramatically. You could say that PR has gotten an “e-facelift” for a digital era.

Have your PR efforts been renovated for today’s digital world? If you’re not sure, read on…

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