The Perils of Celebrity Endorsements

In this recent article, I shed a spotlight on how celebrity endorsements in advertising can take a bad turn. But don’t let that prevent you from exploring the right kind of endorsement campaign for your marketing communications. In the article, I offer some examples and good advice to help you create a fairytale ending for your next endorsement campaign. 

Are Dieting Celebrity Spokespeople Really Worth Their Weight?

jessica simpson

Big name dieting systems and supplements are using big celebrities to tout their products’ waist-trimming benefits. But at the end of the day, is all this name throwing (and big spending) really benefiting the advertisers’ specific brand? That’s what Businessweek asked Grant Johnson for its Bloomberg Lifestyle report.

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“Innovation” Continues To Be A Hot Topic For Marketers

portrait of Dave Aaker

David Aaker is my branding hero. I’ve read a number of his books, follow his contributions to Marketing News and frequently download his white papers. I recently reread three of his articles that were each written a year apart and focus on the role of innovation and its importance in today’s marketing world. I don’t think the articles were meant to be read as a series but I was intrigued how accurately they each built off one another.

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