More Channel Choices = More Testing and Why Campaign Testing is Essential Now (and Forever)

Ever faced with the quandary of not only what to test, but where to test it? You’re not alone. In the online space you have literally countless number of publisher properties where your banner ad can be placed. According to Grant Johnson, Johnson Direct, your best bet is to approach this like a measurable marketer.

Chief Marketer published Johnson’s advice on this dilemma and specifically 3 steps to determine what properties might be the most test-worthy. Read Why Campaign Testing Is Still Essential.


RBP Makes Headlines with a New International Alliance

RBP RIND Survey Placement Cover ShotJohnson Direct’s PR pros secured headlines for agency-of-record client, RBP Chemical Technology, when it announced its agreement with Kapoor Imaging Pvt Ltd to license the blending and distribution of its pressroom chemistries line in India.

Among the credibility-building placements JD earned on behalf of RBP is a front-cover feature story in RIND Survey, a publication of the Press Institute of India.

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Improve Your Next New Product Launch Campaign with these 3 Strategies

Here are a few simple facts you probably already know:

  • A new product launch deserves media attention.
  • A well planned, developed and executed product launch will generate positive, buzzworthy press within your industry.
  • A proactive PR campaign can generate 25% more sales leads for a new product launch.

What you might not realize is that PR is likely the glue that holds together your entire multichannel product launch campaign. Here’s what you need to know before embarking on your next new product launch campaign.

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