New position open at JD: Front End Developer/Interactive Designer

If you’re looking to contribute your web development and creative skills toward marketing solutions that are visually compelling, message-relevant and meticulously measurable … take a closer look at this career opportunity!
Position Description: Front End Developer/Interactive Designer

To apply, email us your resume, work samples (online portfolio), cover letter and salary requirements.

Once Upon a Time…

For whatever reason, I have been thinking a lot about fairy tales lately. Perhaps, it has a lot to do with the amount of meetings I’ve been in recently and hearing about how the Direct Branding process we employ has helped so many of our clients get unbelievable results. It’s almost as if it’s too good to be true. Continue reading

Spit Out Old Tennis Balls

During the holidays I actually had the time to read a fascinating book. It was a motivational way to start the New Year. Kody Bateman’s powerful book, Promptings: Your Inner Guide to Making a Difference, takes the reader on a heartfelt journey action-packed with stories that teach you important life lessons. Here is an example: Kody has a black lab named Gus. As with most labs, Gus likes to play fetch. Kody loves to walk in the back yard after work bouncing a tennis ball. As soon as Gus notices the ball he goes crazy. Continue reading

Controversial Childhood Obesity Campaign Spurs Heated Debate

A recent segment on National Public Radio caught my attention, enough so that I went online to learn more about the issue. The topic was a current advertising campaign targeting childhood obesity in Georgia. Through billboards and television ads, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s “Strong4Life” campaign is intended to shock the general public into understanding the gravity of Atlanta’s childhood obesity problems. Continue reading