Killer Creative Rarely Works!

If you were to spend $2.6 million for a 30-second advertisement … and it didn’t sell any product, would you be happy?

We’re guessing “No.”

Once again, the Super Bowl ads were cute and funny (sort of) … but I’ll bet not one of them made anybody say “Wow, I’ve got to go out and buy that product!” or change their buying habits (although some might be less inclined to buy a Snicker bar now).

The reason? As I frequently say: “Killer Creative Rarely Works!”  Remember the “wonderful” Mean Joe Greene Coca-Cola commercial? A classic! We all remember it because it made us all tear up! And sales went down! When are companies and their agencies going to wake up?

Sometimes you just have to “ugly” down your creative and concentrate on remembering what works … the basics!

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