Have You Looked in the Mirror Today?

I’m reading a wonderful book … I guess I should say savoring a wonderful book … entitled “The 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player,” by John C. Maxwell. It’s short (150 pages) but is taking me a long time to read simply because it’s one of those small treasures rich with valuable, useful, wise information. It’s a book I would recommend to any person who is a vital part of any team. That would basically include all of us. Whether your team consists of two people to two hundred people, reading and applying these principles will help you become “the kind of person every team wants.”

Maxwell is the kind of writer who forces you to take a hard look at the man or woman in the mirror, which then forces you to examine some hard truths about yourself … which hopefully results in a deeper commitment to change and growth. In exploring the essential qualities of a team player, Maxwell leads you to ask yourself questions like “How adaptable, collaborative, committed, communicative, competent, dependable, disciplined, enlarging, enthusiastic, intentional, mission conscious, prepared, relational, self-improving, selfless, solution-oriented and tenacious am I?”

See why it’s taking me so long to read now?

I’ve been asking myself these questions and committing to change and growth in the process. I can only imagine the success and prosperity that every team would enjoy if every team member would choose to learn how to become a better team player by developing these essential qualities.

Are you headed out to buy the book, yet?

Maxwell states that “Working together precedes winning together.” One of my goals as Director of Operations for Johnson Direct was to strategically put together a team that is wholly committed to working together. If your team does not work successfully together, then the team will enjoy only limited success.

Our mission here at Johnson Direct is “To provide the very best strategic measurable marketing counsel that garners above average returns for our client partners.” And standing behind that mission is a group of selfless individuals willing to work together first in order for both our clients and Johnson Direct to win together.

Mara Frier

Johnson Direct LLC


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