News (???) of the Day

Here are some random musings about what Americans seem to want to know. These are actual headlines I’ve noticed today in the local newspaper and on various online news sites:

“Paris Hilton Speaks from Jail.” Frankly, I’m always surprised when Paris Hilton shows she can speak at all.

“Amanda Beard Poses Nude for Playboy.” Who’s Amanda Beard?

“TomKat Attend Multi-million Dollar Wedding.” Who cares?

“Is VP Too Secretive?” Yes.

“Pro-lifers, Progressives Miss Rendezvous in DC.” Just what were they planning to do when they got together?

“Is Video Game Addiction Real?” Apparently this was meant for the “everything’s an addiction” crowd. Admit that I’m powerless over a video game?

“Spice Girls to Reveal Future Plans.” Aren’t they dead?

The point is a simple one. For those of us who want real news, we have to face the reality that most Americans seem to want Brittany, Lindsey, TomKat, etc., much more than we want the NEWS of the day. I used to blame the media. Not anymore. It’s our fault, because the media are only responding to what readers, listeners, and viewers clearly want. The immoral majority seem to be in control these days.

Let’s just hope they don’t figure out how to vote!

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