Boys of Summer Back on My Radar!

(Please note: this entry is written following the Milwaukee Brewers loss 19-4 to the Colorado Rockies and after losing 7 of their last 10 games)

An old friend has returned after an absence of 15 years! I’m actually listening to Brewers games on the radio while doing yard work, and watching several televised games.

Now, most people can accuse me of “jumping on the bandwagon,” and that’s alright because it’s accurate. After 15 years of losing baseball and terrible talent on the field, it looks as though the Crew has turned the corner.

Owner Mark Attanasio is proving that he’s not afraid to spend money, and he and GM Doug Melvin have built the team through our own farm system. The team got off to a great 24-10 start, and the people have really shown their support, as evidenced by the number of sold-out games at Miller Park.

Players like Prince Fielder, J.J. Hardy, Ryan Braun and Cory Hart are easy to root for. I don’t know if they can be compared to Robin Yount, Paul Molitor, Cecil Cooper and Gorman Thomas, but give them a couple of years. Who knows?

Several friends and family members are upset over their disappointing play over the past month. Hey, they are still leading their division and still five games over .500! It’s been a while since there’s been this much buzz about the Brewers. It’s Aug. 10, and we are still talking pennant race and playoffs. Sweet!

It’s August in Wisconsin, and for the past 15 years or so that would mean gearing up for the start of the Packers’ season. This weekend, you’ll find me grilling out, kicking back on the deck with a beer or two, while listening to Brewer baseball! The Packers can wait for now.

Rob Trecek

Johnson Direct LLC


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