More Social Media Options, A Good Thing?

A recent Ad Age article caught my attention and points to the continued trend toward Social Media and experimentation to see what will resonate with folks and what will not.

Most Social Media outlets are more communication focused — while Bebo, the newly updated “player” will be more entertainment oriented and thus more like a magazine.

With Social Media, like most media outlets, you can expect others to jump on the proverbial band wagon and try new things to improve on the success of YouTube, Facebook and others.

You will hear this from me again and again, but I truly believe that this is a GREAT time to be a marketer, especially a measurable marketer with the rapid change taking place in marketing and the shift of control to the consumer/prospect/customer.

At some point we will reach saturation as we are all over-communicated to already, but nonetheless it’s exciting to see things unfold.
Grant A. Johnson

Johnson Direct LLC