The Power of Public Relations

In this month’s issue of Johnson Direct’s eTips newsletter, readers will discover nine simple, effective ways to maximize their media coverage. Harnessing the incredible, and measurable, power of PR takes a proactive, persistent approach. But the effort is well worth it! Read more.

Here’s an excerpt: You put together a news release to tout the benefits of your company’s innovative new product and sent it out. As a result, you received a few mentions in the trade magazines that cover your industry. But you were hoping for better coverage…a cover story or at least a more prominent feature. At the same time, your competitors seem to get more than their share of coverage. How can you elevate your position with the media and increase the value associated with your efforts?

A well-planned, strategic public relations program can help you boost your company’s image so the next time your prospects are considering a purchase, you’ll be top of mind. It also can be used to generate leads and sell products, educate prospective customers, support your brand or influence opinion. Public relations is one of the most cost-effective tools for educating and influencing customers and potential customers. And, when measured and integrated with other tactics, it can be even more powerful.

So what is public relations anyway? Is it a news release announcing a new product? Is it a press conference or special event for customers at a trade show? Is it an interview on the evening news? Or is it your company video on YouTube? It can be all of these things and much more.

Employ these nine simple techniques and take control of your PR efforts. Read more.