2009 Marketing Predictions

Annually I try and predict what the new year will bring in terms of marketing. I base my insights on lots of things, and I believe I am more often right than wrong. So, here’s what I think 2009 has in store:
1.) Retail will falter, except low end providers like Wal-Mart and Dollar Tree ( when I started in this game in the 80’s everyone was crying retails’ death and it came back strong). Others will lose margin to survive.
2.) Healthcare, Education, Government and Utilities will grow and be viable. So will software providers who can prove increased productivity with their products. ( consider marketing to these groups)
3.) B-to-B marketers will become much better at measurable marketing. The ones that do will prosper, grow and end up buying their competitors.
4.) Non-profits will find it harder to raise funds from newer donors, but will prosper if they “mine” their current donor files correctly.
5.) There will be even more interest in emerging media:Social Media, E-mail, Blogs, YouTube, Microblogs, Pod & Videocasts and TV-like commercials produced specifically for the web and key segments will flourish.
6.) Mobile marketing will NOT take off in North America.
7.) PR, and the ability to track it, will be more critical than ever — especially in the emerging channels.
8.) Story-selling will emerge as a key marketing discipline that, combined with the right offer, to the right audience at the correct time will work very profitably.
9.) Direct Marketing thinking will become critical to an organization’s marketing success.

I have more, but that’s a good start.

Finally, marketing accountability and a shift from large to mid-sized ad agencies will rule the day. (Yes, I am biased as I own one). If you can’t measure the right metrics, you will fail. If you can and can learn, you can market smarter and will gain market share (really).

Grant A. Johnson
Johnson Direct LLC