Direct Marketing: The Proof Is In the Results!

If you spend money on advertising and marketing, it might be wise to consider a bright spot in this bleak economic environment: Direct Marketing. Yes, direct marketing — the ad spend on direct response rose 9.2% in 2008. Here’s the article. Why?

Because direct marketing is accountable. It’s an investment in your future, not an expense. You can test it, measure and analyze it, reset and go back at it. And, with the web and email, you can do so rather quickly. That data can help improve your media spend in other channels like mail, ads/inserts and TV, SEO/SEM and more. You can determine what’s working and what’s not, and adjust your variables accordingly.

It’s working for Amazon, Netflix and a host of smart b2b companies I know — some JD does work with. It can work for you, too.

It’s about marketing smart in these tough times. It’s what direct marketing thrives on — data, analysis and real world results. Spend wisely now, watch your market share grow.

Grant A. Johnson