The Consolidation of Brands on the Internet

Remember when mergers and acquisitions were the “in” thing? Ten years ago, experts said that while  brand consolidation attempts have a high failure rate, those that are a success would benefit big-time. If you spend 15 minutes or more on the web each day, you’ll note that brand consolidation online – even “brand warehousing” – is now in vogue.

You can read more about this phenomenon in “The Consolidation of Brands on the Internet” by Grant Johnson, published in a recent E-centric enewsletter and found within the DIRECT Magazine section of the ChiefMarketer network of online publishers. Promo, Multichannel Merchant, DIRECT, ChiefMarketer and E-centric are all now housed under the single online roof known as the ChiefMarketer network. I’ve noticed over time that where there were once several distinct brands, now each is displayed less predominently as the ChiefMarketer brand takes more ownership. A perfect example of brand consolidation on the Internet.

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Denise B. Hearden, eMarketing Director
Johnson Direct