You, Your Marketing ROI and Direct Branding

Just the other day I received a phone call from a potential new client. “At last, I’ve finally tracked you down,” the voice on the other end of the line said. “I’ve been doing my homework on you and your firm and the marketing successes you’ve had and it is quite impressive.”

I thanked the caller from a large, very reputable East-coast company and he continued on. “I’ve heard about your innovative processes that reduce marketing costs and increase revenue for clients. Tell me more about how you increased the results for a client over 700% and how you reduced the cost per lead from over $200.00 to only $7, if you don’t mind.”

“Slow down, slow down” I urged the caller and asked him how he had heard of my firm, Johnson Direct. “Well, I was calling around and contacted a few colleagues who have had mixed results with some of the larger firms that specialize in our market. They are quite expensive and I kept asking if there was anyone they knew that was customer service driven, understood our market and was not too big and got great results at fair prices. Your name came up several times,” he said.

I went on to explain about our Direct Branding process, a proprietary approach that helps to truly define your best customers and prospects and is centered-around a wise, test-centric approach to marketing and incorporates multi/cross-channel media including TV, print ads, direct mail, email, web, social media and public relations. We do marketing that’s measurable and combine the best of brand building with the tenants of direct marketing to drive real results. “That sounds like what everybody else does,” was he reply.

The difference, I reminded the caller, was in the real-world proven results we continually achieve for our client partners. The results do the speaking for us. The truth is, we are not very good salespeople, I told the caller.

And that’s precisely why I am reaching out today and posting this blog. I figured if this prospective caller was that interested in our process and if several of his colleagues mentioned my name and my firm, perhaps it would be smart to reach out to professionals like you and let you know what we do and how we might be able to assist with your marketing efforts. I guess it’s my attempt to “sell” you, or at least get you interested enough to reach out and contact me.

I’d like to say we are a great match and could do wonderful things together, but I am not sure of that. We have to talk and see philosophically and personality-wise if we are a good fit for each other. You and I will invest a lot in a relationship and if it’s broken from the start, it’s an exercise in frustration, that’s why discussing needs, goals, timelines and budgets upfront is always prudent.

You are more than welcome to visit my website at and/or for more information. Feel free to call me at 1-262-782-2750, ext 131 or email me at

I hope we have the opportunity to talk and discuss your unique challenges and marketplace opportunities in the very near future.

I wish you continued success and prosperity.


Grant A. Johnson

P.S. As for the caller, will we work together? We are both still determining that. It’s a process that takes some time but so far things are looking good.