Marketing Results Pure and Simple

I was asked by a prospective client the other day to provide him with an advertising/marketing system that would be a sure-fire, proven way to increase his business. As you and I know, in marketing there are no absolute guarantees…but his question really made me think hard about what we do and the success we have helped clients achieve.

As I contemplated his desire for marketing success, I began thinking about a process that our JD team collaborated on and have refined over the years called Direct Branding. The process has been employed by Health Care Companies, Insurance Providers (Health, PNC, Life and Specialty carriers), Capital Goods Manufacturers, Industrial Products, Gourmet Foods, Vitamin/Supplement firms, Seminar Specialists and, well, a variety of industries, both service and manufacturing driven. I slowly went through each and every client that has gone through the process and I discovered something truly amazing: Direct Branding has always delivered results that are greater than the marketing that was done before the process was implemented. True, the degree of return-on-investment has varied, but it has always been positive.

I went back and re-examined the process and the programs where we implemented it to double and then triple check them to make sure that the Direct Branding process has always worked and, again, to my delight, it has always worked. If we “skip” a part of the process results are good, but not as convincing as when we follow the system.

A few results to show you what the process does:

  • Doubled the sales rate of a specialty insurer by implementing Direct Branding, helping them compete with HUGE competitors
  • Opened not one, but two new channels profitably for a high-end manufacturer of natural vitamins & supplements
  • Re-branded a capital goods manufacturer to compete globally with a player that is much, much larger
  • Helped re-brand and better position an insurance provider to fend off a competitor who entered the market and outspent them 15:1
  • A gourmet food company that realized a 7% lift in sales thanks to our process

I’m not a sales-hype kind of guy but I had to share this news with you. This process has worked in good times and in bad. Based on the tightening of marketing spends and the fact that you have to justify each and every dollar you invest in your advertising/marketing programs today, I figured you just might want to consider an approach that’s proven, one that you can rely on and commit to now to get you through the tough times. An investment now and into the future.

A few misconceptions need to be explained. Direct Branding is NOT direct mail. Is mail part of the equation? Sometimes. It depends what the process determines, but oftentimes the web, microsites, PR, ads, email and blogs, along with a mix of traditional media are incorporated to garner results you can count on. Does it work overnight? No, it’s a process and if you commit to it you will see results in 3 to 6 months, a year for sure.

So why does it work? Because it combines the best of branding with the best of direct marketing. It has taken us years to refine and get the process correct. It utilizes a test-centric approach that’s predicated on fact-based analysis, market research, deep-dive analytic crunching and relevant creative/message positioning to help you compete more intelligently. It uncovers where the market potential is and shows you where to allocate your marketing resources based on relative market potential. It also uncovers new opportunities – markets that are underserved or are being missed by you and your competitors. It really works!

As the economy remains tight, this process has helped us to discover how to position your messaging (yes, it needs to be different now), so that you can succeed. Again, I do not want to over inflate expectations, but do want to help as many folks as possible to market smarter and grow during these tough times. I hope you take this email seriously and call me at 1-262-782-2750 ext 131, or email me at

Once we talk we can determine if a fit exists between us. I am only interested in helping those who will commit to the process and those who rely on marketing to drive sales and need a lift in their ROMI. If that’s you, let’s talk for 30 minutes. If not, that’s ok and I truly thank you for your time.

Measurably yours,

Grant A. Johnson