Tired of Lackluster Marketing Results?

May 26th, 2009

Dear Marketing Colleague,

You have to do marketing anyway, so why not focus on ‘marketing that’s measurable?”

That’s a question that I still ask every single business day. When the choice comes down to what works and what does not work in your advertising/marketing investments, the choice should be simple, right? I’d like to believe so.

A few problems inevitably get in the way:

• Slick salesmanship – someone over promising, under delivering and flat out lying to clients like you
• Pretty creative execution over relevant, meaningful work that’s designed to get results
• Lack of testing – the right way typically takes a bit longer, but the payoff is huge
• Disbelief that a proven process does exists that both enhances your brand and gets you the results you need

As I type this I really, truly hope that you’ll give me a chance to show you how effective and measurable your advertising/marketing can and should be. That’s why we’ve developed and refined a process called Direct Branding. Ask yourself if your current programs are getting you results like these:

• Doubled the sales rate of a specialty insurer by implementing Direct Branding, helping them compete with HUGE competitors
• Opened not one, but two new channels profitably for a high-end manufacturer of natural vitamins & supplements
• Re-branded a capital goods manufacturer to compete globally with a player that is much, much larger
• Helped re-brand and better position an insurance provider to fend off a competitor who entered the market and outspent them 15:1
• A gourmet food company that realized a 7% lift in sales thanks to our process

My passion is helping companies grow, getting good people promoted and helping to make your advertising/marketing as testable and measurable as possible.

So why does it work? Because it combines the best of branding with the best of direct marketing. It has taken us years to refine and get the process correct. It utilizes a test-centric approach that’s predicated on fact-based analysis, market research, deep-dive analytic crunching and relevant creative/message positioning to help you compete more intelligently. It uncovers where the market potential is and shows you where to allocate your marketing resources based on relative market potential. It also uncovers new opportunities – markets that are underserved or are being missed by you and your competitors. It really works!

As the economy remains tight, this process has helped us to discover how to position your messaging (yes, it needs to be different now), so that you can succeed. Again, I do not want to over inflate expectations, but do want to help as many folks as possible to market smarter and grow during these tough times. I hope you take this email seriously and call me at 1-262-782-2750 ext 131, or email me at grant.johnson@johnsondirect.com

Once we talk we can determine if a fit exists between us. I am only interested in helping those who will commit to the process and those who rely on marketing to drive sales and need a lift in their ROMI. If that’s you, let’s talk for 30 minutes. If not, that’s ok and I truly thank you for your time. Here’s to better marketing results for you and your organization…

Grant A. Johnson