User Experience is Critical in B-to-B Website Design

As seen in Chief Business Marketer on Dec 15, 2010 2:52 PM, By Grant A. Johnson

The growing importance of websites in marketing communications has made savvy B-to-B marketers take notice of just how powerful a tool a great site can be for customer communication, prospect conversion and establishing a leadership position within an industry.

As websites have evolved from static pages to content-rich destinations to personal user experience portals, their role in marketing plans has become more important. The key elements of design trends tie directly into direct marketing testing and data to enhance the user experience, along with new software options.

When used correctly, these tools, along with a solid SEO/SEM strategy, help make the visit a productive and easy one that also reaps rewards for the company via more conversions, sales and customer interactions that are resolved more quickly. Here are some ways to improve your site’s usability.

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Grant A. Johnson
Johnson Direct