See Grant’s “Lucky 13” at DMA 2011

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This year’s national DMA conference is October 1 through October 6 in Boston, MA. You won’t want to miss this year’s event or Grant’s “back by popular demand” presentation of Lucky 13: Proven tips and tricks (a baker’s dozen worth) for making your copy more measurable in all media.

Grant’s standing-room-only presentation at DMA 2010 was a top-choice among attendees and this year, he’ll include new and updated examples.

Mark your calendar, register and get ready to discover the secrets to making your copy more response driven in all media. This fast-paced, example rich session will focus on great measurable marketing copy and what makes it unique from brand copy. We’ll delve into 13 keys that your copy must include, and discuss copy platforms, testing and proven ways to get improved, real-world results through better copywriting. The discussion will be interactive and include examples of past winners, losers and “what were they thinking?” case histories. This is a must attend session and  is sure to enlighten both newcomers and seasoned direct response pros on how they can dramatically improve their prose.

3 key learning takeaways:

1.) The importance of a “correct copy checklist” for all media;

2.) How simplified copy can yield superior results;

3.) Discover the lost art of copy positioning and how it can/should differ by media

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