BK Franchisees Respond Well To Multichannel Marketing Campaign from VFW Foundation

Deployment takes a huge toll on military members and their families. When troops leave their families at home while they travel hundreds, even thousands, of miles away and often into hostile territory, their loved ones often face unanticipated financial demands that can’t be resolved through existing means.

That’s why, for the fifth consecutive year, the Veterans of Foreign Wars Foundation is partnering with participating Burger King® Restaurants to raise funds for the VFW’s Unmet Needs Program. The Unmet Needs Program helps to meet the basic, essential needs of troops and their families such as:

  • Mortgage and rent
  • Home and auto repairs
  • Insurance
  • Utilities
  • Food
  • Clothing

Johnson Direct is proud to have been a part of this year’s effort to get Burger King franchise owners involved in the Military Families Month fundraising opportunity for the Unmet Needs program.

Throughout the month of November, Military Families Month, participating BK® Restaurants across the country, hosted the annual Burger King® Unmet Needs Fundraiser, encouraging customers to donate $1 or more to help military families in need pay for essentials such as rent/mortgage, utilities, medical expenses, vehicle repairs and food.

The multichannel campaign targeted nearly 900 Burger King franchise owners in the U.S. with:

  • Introductory direct mail package
  • Comprehensive campaign-dedicated microsite where franchisees can sign up to participate
  • Series of follow-up and reminder emails
  • Event signage and promotional materials – flag, decal, poster, table tent, counter sign, flyer, news release, lawn sign and radio script. – as complimentary marketing communications tools for participating stores
  • A coordinating PowerPoint presentation for the Foundation to use during Franchisee events

Over 1,200 Burger King® Restaurants have participated since 2007 and have raised over $1.3 million in support of the program.

And this year, nearly 1,000 stores are participating in the “2011 November is Military Families Month fundraising event” for the VFW’s Unmet Needs program. The VFW Foundation is confident this year’s event proceeds will exceed the amount raised last November.
“Burger King® Franchisees continue to do wonderful work for America’s military families,” said VFW Foundation Director John Lowe. “The VFW Unmet Needs program helps military families in their greatest times of financial need, and it is through the support of great companies such as Burger King® and their wonderful patriotic customers, that we are able to provide such great assistance.”
All of us at Johnson Direct are happy to support the Burger King restaurants participating in this important month-long event. We hope you’ll visit a participating Burger King near you during the month of November to donate $1 to the Unmet Needs program.