If you followed only one rule for the rest of your marketing career, what would it be?

15 candlesWe’re celebrating our 15 YEAR ANNIVERSARY here at Johnson Direct (JD). How does it feel to be 15? Collectively, the energy emulating from the offices is full of gratitude and eagerness. Of course, we’re thankful to have survived some difficult economic times over the years and appreciative for the business our loyal clients have awarded us year after year. And, we’re enthusiastic about the smart solutions and multichannel campaigns that are in various stages of planning and development.

I thought it would be fun to bring you a more candid response from individual JDers. It isn’t every day we think about the one professional rule we live by. So I asked our celebrants of strategists, business developers, graphic and digital designers, writers and account managers to divulge one most-valuable insight to compile this TOP 15 List.


What is the ONE piece of knowledge you feel is most valuable to you as a marketing professional?

  1. Don’t make decisions based on what your competitors are doing….base it on what your customers’ want.
  2. Stay with or ahead of technology.
  3. Don’t “talk at”…talk TO.
  4. Be innovative on all levels.
  5. Know your audience, speak their language and communicate messaging that will resonate with them.
  6. Keep it simple.
  7. Learn how to test.
  8. Avoid assuming anything. If you don’t know, ask/find out.
  9. Translate features to customer benefits.
  10. Segment your messaging.
  11. Put on your listening ears (really hear what your customers, co-workers and clients have to say).
  12. Everyone’s  in sales!
  13. Don’t just appeal to logic. Appeal to emotional “hot buttons” as well.
  14. Show them (your customers) you care.
  15. Track and measure everything you can.

Do you know what would make this list even better? YOUR INSIGHT. Reply with a comment below to share your MVR (Most Valuable Rule). Your fellow marketers will appreciate it!