About Grant Johnson

Grant Johnson
A prominent marketing strategist and nationally recognized thought leader, Grant is President and CEO of Johnson Direct. He is a sought-after public speaker, direct marketing trainer, copywriter, award-winning author and the creator of Direct Branding™, Johnson Direct’s multichannel and measurable strategic process.

What It Means When Something Works

What does it mean when something works? I mean really works?

I’ve had plenty of cars that “worked”; unfortunately, they worked my checkbook harder than they did as transportation. I’m driving one now as a matter of fact.

Just because they are running does not mean that they work efficiently. It’s the same way for too many marketing programs today.

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Pay Attention to Your Media Mix

Old habits die hard.

Take the out-dated and inefficient mass media model to advertising along with its corresponding mindset. No longer works. It hasn’t in years.

Or, the single-channel preference that so many direct marketers still insist on using in hopes that the results will return to the glory days of the 1970s and 1980s. Times have changed.

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Make Your Marketing as Unique as Your Chili Recipe

Dear  Marketing Innovator,

After doing successful marketing for nearly three decades – over 26 years – the kind of marketing you can track and measure, measurable marketing, you end up discovering a few things as time passes.

For instance, I’m sure that your product or service is unique. If it is not different, then the situation you currently find yourself in, good or bad marketing-wise, is surely not the same as the majority of your competitors.

That is specifically why what works in one market for one company, won’t likely work for you in your market…

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The Perils of Celebrity Endorsements

In this recent Chiefmarketer.com article, I shed a spotlight on how celebrity endorsements in advertising can take a bad turn. But don’t let that prevent you from exploring the right kind of endorsement campaign for your marketing communications. In the article, I offer some examples and good advice to help you create a fairytale ending for your next endorsement campaign.