About Maria Johnson

Maria Johnson
As Vice President, Maria assists with agency operations, office management and accounting functions. Her focus on client relations and eye for accurate detail greatly contributes to Johnson Direct’s ongoing goal of excellence.

The Customer Experience Audit

About a year ago I was doing yard work (which I hate) bagging grass clippings and weeds. I had about five body bag-sized bags of waste when I realized the main diamond from my wedding ring was gone. I panicked, looked all over, and prayed to St. Anthony all at the same time. My husband was about to call the insurance company when he noticed something on the floor by the refrigerator. It was my diamond. We couldn’t believe how lucky we were.

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The Wisdom in Words

My husband and I have a recurring argument and no, it’s not over the remote. We subscribe to The Week, a weekly publication featuring national and international news with editorials from various journalists with an array of viewpoints. It features reviews of new movies, music and plays, and even houses that are on the market with a common theme. We fight over who gets to read it first. And while this isn’t a plug for The Week, you can check it out here.

One of my favorite sections is called Wit and Wisdom. It’s a small section where you will find quotes from a variety of people, some famous, some not. Many make me laugh, a few make me sad, but the majority, make me think. I’ve listed a few below and because this blog is supposed to be about marketing, I’ve tried to relate these words of wisdom to marketing.

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