Think. Feel. Do – Understanding the New Basics of Marketing

Lately, it seems like everyone is talking about the Digital Age and what it means for today’s marketers. An article published in a recent issue of the Harvard Business Review* explores this issue, offering valuable insight into the strategies, structures and capabilities that marketers should adopt to stay ahead of the game. 

Over the last ten years, the variety of ways marketers engage and communicate with their target audiences has exploded. Tactics and tools that were once considered “cutting-edge” are now quickly becoming obsolete, and advances in digital and social media are introducing new approaches and complexities on a daily basis.

So how can we, as marketers, adopt these new realities and successfully communicate with our target audiences? 

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Compare Smart Zones targeting to old-school digital advertising targeting

There is a tipping point when some things become a little old school. Like the underperforming digital banner ads that companies continue to overspend on. Compare traditional online targeting to SmartZones by JD, a new-school mapping of nearly 100% of online home and business traffic into 16 million qualified, target-ready audiences. All while protecting user privacy. And without using intrusive cookies.

In under 2 min., you see exactly how Smart Zones compares to traditional digital advertising.

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imediaconnectionA recent report states 80% of Super Bowl ads don’t increase sales. But what they do is entertain. At what price are you willing to entertain without any reward?

This recent article written by our Grant Johnson and published by iMEDIA Connection, offers seven steps to combine creativity and strategy to produce measurable results.

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