No, the banner ad is NOT dead and yes, content is “the new black”

This recent headlineThe Banner Ad Is Dead: Content Is The New Black, Marketers Say — grabbed my attention and compelled me to write this “response.” Actually, the article had a lot of great statements and insights from big-brand CMOs. But the headline really stirred a reaction in me (nicely, done Ms. Abramovich).

Look, if banner advertising was dead, our results-focused clients wouldn’t be investing in it. And, the type of cookie-free, IP zone-based digital marketing we’re doing for our clients reaches nearly 100% of our target segments, no matter when or where they are online. Sure, there are times when even our SmartZones online ad campaigns can’t breathe new life into a suffering or stagnant market segment. That’s where the true value of testing comes in. SmartZones is nimble and quick; we test creatives, messaging, market categories, placement timing…you name it.

Take a look at how this SmartZones digital advertising campaign came together to produce exceptional results:

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The Perils of Celebrity Endorsements

In this recent article, I shed a spotlight on how celebrity endorsements in advertising can take a bad turn. But don’t let that prevent you from exploring the right kind of endorsement campaign for your marketing communications. In the article, I offer some examples and good advice to help you create a fairytale ending for your next endorsement campaign. 

The Early Bird Gets the Tweet?

As a die-hard Packer fan, I’m disappointed that my team didn’t make it further this season. But, the Super Bowl is upon us and I’ll be watching along with practically everyone else. Why? The commercials: the funny, the cheeky and the downright ridiculous.

However, this year you don’t have to watch the Super Bowl to see the commercials — they’re already out on the web getting hits, retweets, likes and reposts. While this creates a steadier conversation, does this take away some of the immediate bang a company could get after shelling out millions of dollars for a thirty second spot?

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