Measurable Words

Hey word slinger, here’s a fun challenge for you … how many of the following words do you recognize? Better yet, do you know their definitions?

The wordsmiths at Johnson Direct are sharing a word a month to make a point. When you know the right words to use when reaching out to your audiences, you can do much more than grab their attention. You can get them to take action.

Keep an eye on and when you’re looking for help with your messaging, don’t hesitate to reach out to the scribes at JD.

Apple Olympic Ads

You can press spacebar to add a space on your text

Yesterday my daughter and I were watching the opening ceremony for the Olympics. She asked if the ads for the Olympics were as good as the ones for the Super Bowl. I said I didn’t think so and then fell asleep soon after answering her. Ads for the Olympics cost anywhere between $1 million and $1.5 million depending on length and airing time, while Super Bowl commercial costs are $2.5 million per 30 second increments.

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Why Am I Obsessed With Charmin?

No One Likes Pieces Left Behind...

Good marketing is always based on sound and thorough research so that the point of difference (POD) you’re trying to convey and the key messages match what is most important to your target audience. I’ve been wondering for years what type of research P&G did to land on the POD that with Charmin Ultra Strong you’ll have “fewer pieces left behind.”

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Negative Advertising in Political Campaigns

With the Presidential campaign now seemingly in full swing and hundreds of Senate, Congressional, Gubernatorial and local races beginning to ramp up, the air waves will soon be inundated with political advertisements by candidates, interest groups and political action committees all jockeying to have their candidate be the last one standing when the dust settles. It seems that during every election cycle we hear stories about the bitter nature of campaigns today and how, despite a strong and growing public opposition to negative ads, they will play an integral role in the race for whichever office is most hotly contested. Being a bit of a political junkie myself, I often have friends, family and co-workers ask me why do these campaigns feel so compelled to go negative and when did all this negative campaigning start? So as a precursor to the coming onslaught of political advertisements coming soon to a television near all of us, I thought I’d provide some insight on these types of ads both from a historical and advertising perspective.

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