Eliminate Web Design Disputes with Wireframes

wireframe sample with captionWhen you begin a website design and development project, it’s very tempting to begin with design concepts. Everyone loves to be involved in the look and feel of a brand new website.

But beware…hitting fast forward to the design stage creates a lot of risk for your brand, your business and marketing plans and organization as a whole. It doesn’t take into consideration the invaluable research and strategy that’s required to create a powerful user experience and the bottom line results to which your website should be a significant contributor.

So where SHOULD you begin?

Great question! In this article, you’ll find the answer and several ways the wireframe method will help you avoid the perils of premature design.

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DESTINATION: Brand Loyalty (Infographic by Johnson Direct)

The journey to brand loyalty can be a bumpy ride when you’re aiming for the universe rather than individual galaxies.  Yet the journey is integral, because it can propel you to unexplored and unprecedented levels of success.

Branding differentiates your business and products/services and makes prospects and customers remember you and stay loyal to you.  It’s more than getting your target market to choose you over your competition; it’s getting your prospects to see you as the only one that can provide a solution to their quality challenges.

So why remain tethered to earth when you can soar through an integrated campaign with one powerful and propulsive unifying message?  That message is designed to differentiate you and define you: where quality soars to the next level … the sky’s the limit!

3, 2, 1, click!

Destination Brand Loyalty

View: Destination- Brand Loyalty Infographic by Johnson Direct

MONDAY DESIGN FUN – Ghostly Calls to Action

There are just some things you don’t put much thought into. But writing a strong, relevant call-to-action (CTA) should not one of those things. Today’s marketer must understand that a dreary direct-response call-to-action can bring on an untimely death to any campaign.

But be warned: The same effort that goes into conjuring up the liveliest of calls-to-action needs to be put into its design and position as well.

What placement will draw the most attention to your CTA? How should it look to captivate the audience and get them to ACT?

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