Do People Trust Your Brand in the Digital World?

With today’s marketplace consisting of fast real-time information delivered by advocates and whistleblowers, brands are constantly being scrutinized for their practices. The public now has the power to gauge whether or not they are acting responsibly. In moments, a brand’s trustworthiness can be called in to question due to the speed of technology in the digital world. Brands are also having a tough time navigating through all this noise in efforts to build a trusting relationship with their stakeholders. There are hundreds of ways to break trust with a consumer, but what can a brand do to help build a trusting relationship?

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Fast Track Planning Sessions Motivate Marketers to Rev Up 2014 Activities

Before you hit the pavement at full speed in 2014, schedule a pit stop with JD to refuel and recalibrate. Let’s get your crew on track with the same strategy; aiming for shared goals and striving to win the same race – together. We’ll help you rally the crew with a Fast Track Planning Session.

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Does Your Brand Come Highly Recommended?

A few weeks ago I attended the Insight Summit Series on Public Relations and Social Media at Marquette University. Throughout the many sessions at the day-long summit, I noticed two recurring themes:

1) Without authenticity in your communications, your messages fall on deaf ears and

2) A brand is no longer what the company says it is….it’s what the consumer says it is.

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What’s In a Name: The Switch from Alterra to Colectivo


Alterra fans woke up last week to something eye-popping, and it wasn’t their coffee: it was the news that the beloved coffee shops would now be under the name Colectivo, a name representing the colorful public buses of Latin America. While the switch has gained significant traction in news outlets, the founders have assured that the only change is the name, a move serving to distance themselves from their agreement to share the Alterra name and certain recipes with corporate giant, Mars, Inc.

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