MONDAY DESIGN FUN – Ghostly Calls to Action

There are just some things you don’t put much thought into. But writing a strong, relevant call-to-action (CTA) should not one of those things. Today’s marketer must understand that a dreary direct-response call-to-action can bring on an untimely death to any campaign.

But be warned: The same effort that goes into conjuring up the liveliest of calls-to-action needs to be put into its design and position as well.

What placement will draw the most attention to your CTA? How should it look to captivate the audience and get them to ACT?

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Test Market-Savvy Content to Add Value and Build Trust

A company that has served over 300,000 businesses and institutions in all industries, including 477 of the Fortune 500, 93 of the largest universities, the White House and Pentagon, as well as thousands of small businesses, might choose to solely rely on word-of-mouth sales and marketing.

Not National Business Furniture (NBF). For a 35-year old supplier of over 50,000 office furniture and accessory items, NBF refuses to rest on its laurels. The company aspires to continually beat its own customer service records, break into new markets and add innovative product lines to its roster.

The company recently embarked on a content marketing pilot program to test how market-savvy content could create awareness and build trust within one of its key specialty markets – healthcare and medical furniture and equipment.

Content Marketing Process

JD implemented its content marketing process to create a wide variety of content pieces to test and measure. With titles including How To Choose The Right Nursing Workstation ; Mastering Nursing Workflow Efficiency: Understand Your Product Options; Winning At The Waiting Game: How To Create Comfortable & Functional Waiting Room Spaces; The Anatomy Of A Recovery-Promoting Patient Chair; and Hospital Patient Room Seating: Promote Faster, Safer Patient Recovery With Smart Patient Chairs, JD addressed industry issues with three healthcare-focused white papers, several trend articles, a Slideshare, landing page and an interactive guide.

Take a closer look at the deliverables tailored for this market-specific content marketing program.

Must-Have Tech Tools for All Social Media Marketers

Guest blog by Michelle Smith

Your parents think you work for the “Internet.” Your grandparents think you’re some kind of computer genius because you know how to upload photos to Facebook. Your boss knows you’re a necessary component of the marketing team, but still has troubling figuring out what you do.

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B2B Blogging: How to Build a Benefit-rich Blog Post

blog trends

Reality check: Yesthere are dozens of reasons your business should be blogging. You’re well on your way if you’ve got your blog established with SEO and social sharing features already in place. Great job. And, as a blogger, you’re sharing your expertise and positioning yourself as a leader in your industry. Good for you.

Now, it’s time for a gut check: are your blog posts benefit-rich? Business-to-business bloggers often struggle to write posts that are helpful and applicable to target audiences. Sometimes the root of the problem is lack of content ideas. Other times, the challenge is to turn a topic idea into an objective, relevant piece.


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