Media Usage in Today’s World (infographics)

Where do you find your customers? How do you attract the right customers in today’s  media setting?

Lately, I’ve been asking friends and family this question: “What do you watch on TV these days?” I’m less interested in what they’re watching, but how they’re watching. I think it’s an interesting question as an informal generational study. My 30-something friends and I still comfortably have feet in both traditional TV and digital streaming. But, if you were to ask my 80-something grandparents or my college-aged cousins the same question, they would have very different answers. I ask them these questions because a lot of information has been published lately on how different age groups participate in media and we, as marketers, are noticing and acting on this knowledge bank. This chart demonstrates media use by age bracket. Continue reading

Payers Must Reach Millennials for Affordable Care Act to Work

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From the March 2014 Issue of Medical Marketing & Media MMM Millennials ACA

With dramatic changes taking place in healthcare due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), insurers must identify and reach the right mix of subscribers. Now is the time for them to invest in introducing and differentiating their brand among the younger and healthier people who will pay premiums without making claims, letting the system function by balancing out older, less healthy consumers that are costly for insurance companies to cover.

In this VIEWPOINT article published in MM&M, I share how important digital is and the three elements that are critical for digital success.

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Fast Track Planning Sessions Motivate Marketers to Rev Up 2014 Activities

Before you hit the pavement at full speed in 2014, schedule a pit stop with JD to refuel and recalibrate. Let’s get your crew on track with the same strategy; aiming for shared goals and striving to win the same race – together. We’ll help you rally the crew with a Fast Track Planning Session.

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