10 Keys to Measurable Marketing Copy Success

Ever wonder just how long your copy sentences or paragraphs should be? Have you asked yourself how many bullet points is too many or if your DM letter really needs that P.S.?

Writing copy from scratch or rewriting copy to make it fresh is challenging. Instilling relevancy in your words, emulating the right tone for your brand and spurring action among your readers are obstacles your copy must overcome to be effective.

The above questions are just a few of the common ones we hear from clients, among others. Grant Johnson answers them all in 10 Keys to Measurable Marketing Copy Success, published recently by iMEDIA Connection.

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A Seven-Item Checklist for Measurable Marketing in the Digital Age

In this MarketingProfs article, Grant Johnson, CEO, Johnson Direct, shares a checklist to help you create your next digital marketing masterpiece.

Johnson says “digital thrives on data; it can be measured and tested, and we can learn something from each campaign that we successfully complete, offering hope for ever-improving results as we move forward onto our next marketing/communication effort.”

Keep this seven-item checklist handy as a trusted guide for your digital marketing campaigns.

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Some of our fav sites have changed dramatically…others, not so much.

How have Walmart.com, Nordstrom.com and CNN.com evolved to meet the changing demands of its users over the last 10 years? Some have responded with more dramatic changes than others. I enjoyed taking a look at the “way back when” website home pages I’ve been browsing for a decade in this post by Website Magazine – How 9 Well-Known Websites Looked Way Back When. Here at JD, we just celebrated our 15th anniversary, so I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane to see how our home page has evolved since 2000. Join me…
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New (to You) Faces at JD

So much of our work at JD is handled with clients all over the U.S. Conference calls, web conferencing, emails and cloud-based communications are our primary methods of keeping in touch with clients. The reality is, aggressive deadlines, jam-packed schedules and team members dispersed in various markets makes it near impossible to gather face-to-face for meetings.

That said, we’d like to formally introduce you to a couple of our creative team members you may have not had the chance to meet yet in person. Both Liza and Nick joined the JD graphic design and digital teams in 2013.


With more than a decade of online experience in B to B and B to C markets, Liza Ziemer, UX Designer,  has developed a strong knowledge base, which feeds her passion for creating beautiful, intuitive and accessible online user experiences. At the core of Liza’s role at JD is translating her comprehensive understanding of interactive design into pleasurable end-user experiences, no matter what the digital deliverable is.

nicholas-linkedinAs Art Director and creative lead for the agency, Nicholas Mork transforms seeds of ideas into original inspired creative. He is involved in the creative process from start to finish, where he designs everything from packaging and identities to strategic branding, advertising campaigns and digital experiences.

Clients’ demands for multichannel marketing that nurture improved user experiences and beautiful graphics that attract consumers’ interest have made Liza and Nicholas’s roles even more critical in strategizing and conceptualizing truly integrated campaigns that meet consumer and client expectations.

We are excited to have Liza and Nicholas aboard and hope you have the opportunity to meet them in person in the near future.