Corporate Website Strategy, Design & Development

Cleaning Up

As one of the world’s largest contract manufacturers and packagers of wet wipes, dryer sheets, liquids, die cut pads, nutraceuticals and confectionery products, Kleen Test Products (KTP) is a long-time partner with companies of all sizes and many of the world’s most notable brands. Anyone who knows the company would agree that KTP is among the top US-based contract manufacturers in terms of innovation, quality, safety and capabilities. But for those not familiar with the company, one look at their former website could cause doubt about its credibility and leave many top-of-mind questions unanswered. A complete website overhaul was the answer for KTP. To adequately meet KTP’s goals and objectives of increasing its visibility, credibility and leads via the web, Johnson Direct’s interactive team followed its proven four-phase process to strategize, concept, design and develop the new website.