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Flash Replacement Solution

Slick Design + Smart Development = Better Usability

MilwaukeeTool.com utilized Flash on its home page and throughout its site to draw visitors’ attention to product brands or new products/offers. These Flash “heroes” became an issue in terms of usability and production. To solve the issue, Milwaukee Tool relied on its interactive partner, Johnson Direct, to replace the Flash heroes with a more user-friendly solution that works across all popular devices and reduces the time and external resources it takes to produce or revise the heroes. Johnson Direct designed and produced a user-centric, “Flash Replacement” featured on the site’s home page, Cordless, M12, M18, M28 and Red Lithium landing pages. The jQuery solution ultimately solved many issues for Milwaukee Tool and delivered a creative and functional showcase feature that is repurpose-able across the site, has low to no outside vendor involvement for ongoing maintenance, offers easy updating for non-skilled users, ties seamlessly to Omniture for tracking, is viewable on mobile devices and is cross-browser compatible.