Why Am I Obsessed With Charmin?

No One Likes Pieces Left Behind...

Good marketing is always based on sound and thorough research so that the point of difference (POD) you’re trying to convey and the key messages match what is most important to your target audience. I’ve been wondering for years what type of research P&G did to land on the POD that with Charmin Ultra Strong you’ll have “fewer pieces left behind.”

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Advertising Icon Dick Wilson Dies

Dick Wilson, the quirky Mr. Whipple “Charmin Guy” has died. When I think about those commercials, I think of simpler times and my youth. Back then, cable was not an option nor was the internet.

I have to wonder if he would have “cut through the clutter” today. I remember going into the store and “squeezing the Charmin” after seeing the commercials. Rest in peace.

Grant A. Johnson

Johnson Direct LLC