Insurer Earns a 56% Lift with Savvy Direct Mail Decisions

In a Direct Marketing News piece last week, Nancy Harhut, chief creative officer of the Wilde Agency, was interviewed about the agency’s initiative to help Nationwide develop a direct mail campaign to appeal to the LGBT community. Four best practices stood out in this piece as great reminders about the powerful affect SAVVY DIRECT RESPONSE can have on your direct mail campaigns.
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Dimensional Mail Fuels Blockbuster B2B Market Introduction

How does a new player in the market pique prospects’ interest and then turn that attention into sales?

By creating a launch campaign that communicates the company or product’s unique selling proposition (USP) in a compelling, customer-focused fashion.

A convincing example is a recent dimensional direct mail campaign JD developed for Saco Polymers that resulted in unprecedented gains. A global pioneer in the wire and cable industry, the company wanted to introduce the special capabilities of its new U.K.-based subsidiary in the U.S. market.

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Direct Mail: Still a Bargain for Marketers

My article, Direct Mail: Still a Bargain for Marketers, published in Chief Marketer today, reminds us (professional advertisers and marketers) that when you think about direct mail as a channel to reach people — that is, specific audiences within specific markets — you’ve really got an affordable medium to get your message across.

Of course, direct mail’s success still boils down to the right lists and data, offers/messaging, creative and copy, and timing. You have to do it right. Begin with the idea that getting into the home or office of that right target customer could prove to be more affordable — and effective — than the alternatives. And, when mixed with online components and social media, you’ve really got something special.

Who knows … today’s article may just convince you to reconsider your mix, and how your allocating your budget.

Make Mail Part of Your 2013 Integrated Marketing Plan

Direct mail’s role in a well-executed, integrated marketing plan can be significant. In this Chief Marketer article, Grant shares two case studies demonstrating the powerful results achieved by a truly multichannel direct marketing approach, including — but not limited to — direct mail. He also divulges four tips to help you effectively add direct mail to your marketing mix for 2013.