A Wonderful, Unexpected Accolade

Internationally acclaimed marketer Alan Rosenspan just released his monthly newsletter and I was surprised, delighted, and speechless (a rare feat for me) to read the following:

The Milwaukee Master

In my opinion, the best direct marketing agency isn’t in New York or Chicago.

 It’s Johnson Direct up in Milwaukee. From starting as “the little agency that could” they’ve grown to attract several huge national clients, and have done an excellent job with each.

 I was fortunate enough to hear their CEO Grant Johnson speak at a recent conference, and I wanted to share some of his comments with you, which you may find as valuable as I did.

* Marketing now has “C”-level attention (CEO, CFO, CMO).
It’s not an expense, but rather an activity that now is measured as an investment, with its own Profit & Loss column.

 That means your work is more important and more visible than ever.

 * Research has shown that it takes an average of 6-7 different messages to influence a prospect or even generate a lead.

 Multi-channel marketing is now essential, and if you’re just doing direct mail, or just e-mail, or just telemarketing…you’re not doing what’s best.

* Grant also showed quite a few extremely creative ads, some of which I didn’t understand. He quoted Lester Wunderman, industry legend, who said “Stop being clever! Tell me something I want to know.” 

      This is great advice for any media and any communication.

I have been a friend of Grant’s for several years, and I admire him and his work. He also has a free newsletter, with terrific information and case-histories. You can subscribe at www.johnsondirect.com

Grant A. Johnson 

Johnson Direct LLC