How To Become a Measurable Marketer

Today advertising and marketing is about effectiveness, and that begins and ends with the ability to measure your efforts. It’s a task that’s often easier said than implemented. So where do you start on your journey to marketing measurement? This article, written by yours truly, and featured in Chief Marketer is a good place to start.

I have also completed a tips booklet, 99 (Plus one for good measure) Bright, Measurable Marketing Ideas that’s yours for the asking. Simply email me at with FREE Tips Booklet in the subject line and complete postal address information, including your name and company,  and I will send you a copy. Quantities are limited to a “first come, first served basis.” I’m currently working on my second book.

I hope this spurs discussion on the subject and that your 2008 marketing efforts are testable, measurable and ROI strong.

Grant A. Johnson

Johnson Direct LLC