A Business Perspective on Responsive Website Design

JD RWD mockup

By 2014, mobile internet will likely take over desktop internet usage. Already, more than one half of all local searches are done on mobile devices. We’re spending 2.7 hours every day on our smart phones and tablets and this statistic will only grow as our devices become more and more internet-friendly.

So, what’s the problem? Businesses are struggling to publish websites that offer easy reading and navigation across the range of devices used by their audiences. These businesses are losing leads, sales, referrals and credibility for every frustrated user who abandons their unresponsive site.

If your organization’s website is not designed to be responsive to provide the optimal viewing experience across the devices your visitors are using, how can you fix this problem?

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The Web is Growing Up

A Comparison of Web and Psychosocial Development

It’s easy to draw parallels between our lives and the industry you work in, especially when you are looking for it. Additionally, the longer you work within a trade, the closer you feel; I feel the pulse. Well, at least a murmur every now and then. Everybody evaluates their career and in turn begins to ponder the lifespan of their industry as well. To remain good at what I do, I constantly watch for emerging trends within Web Design and Development. This got me to thinking: If my field moves this fast, then how old is it actually? Imagine dog years, except for online communication. Ok so its old, big deal, nothing to write about. But, like a person, has it matured? It might be a stretch, but some of the research Erik Erikson has done on the stages of healthy human development might also relate to the web experience. Let’s take a look at the 8 stages of maturity:

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