Must-Have Tech Tools for All Social Media Marketers

Guest blog by Michelle Smith

Your parents think you work for the “Internet.” Your grandparents think you’re some kind of computer genius because you know how to upload photos to Facebook. Your boss knows you’re a necessary component of the marketing team, but still has troubling figuring out what you do.

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Does Your Brand Come Highly Recommended?

A few weeks ago I attended the Insight Summit Series on Public Relations and Social Media at Marquette University. Throughout the many sessions at the day-long summit, I noticed two recurring themes:

1) Without authenticity in your communications, your messages fall on deaf ears and

2) A brand is no longer what the company says it is….it’s what the consumer says it is.

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Improve Your Next New Product Launch Campaign with these 3 Strategies

Here are a few simple facts you probably already know:

  • A new product launch deserves media attention.
  • A well planned, developed and executed product launch will generate positive, buzzworthy press within your industry.
  • A proactive PR campaign can generate 25% more sales leads for a new product launch.

What you might not realize is that PR is likely the glue that holds together your entire multichannel product launch campaign. Here’s what you need to know before embarking on your next new product launch campaign.

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The Early Bird Gets the Tweet?

As a die-hard Packer fan, I’m disappointed that my team didn’t make it further this season. But, the Super Bowl is upon us and I’ll be watching along with practically everyone else. Why? The commercials: the funny, the cheeky and the downright ridiculous.

However, this year you don’t have to watch the Super Bowl to see the commercials — they’re already out on the web getting hits, retweets, likes and reposts. While this creates a steadier conversation, does this take away some of the immediate bang a company could get after shelling out millions of dollars for a thirty second spot?

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Strip Down Your Social Media Policy

In the wake of last week’s KitchenAid tweet-tastrophy, it’s a good time to take a hard look at your company’s social media policy. Don’t have one? Unless you relish the chance to put your crisis communication abilities to the test, you may want to add one to your employee handbook. So here it is. Your new social media policy: Be nice. Be smart. Be professional.

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