We concluded our special 5-part series on New Media in last month’s Marketing that’s Measurable eNewsletter, but if you missed one or more, here’s a quick recap of the useful tips and insights shared by the JD team:

P art 1: BLOGGING – 3 reasons to
consider blogging and see how it’s helped Johnson Direct with PR.
Part 2: FACEBOOK – 3 techniques to get started with today’s fastest-growing marketing opportunity.
Part 3: LINKEDIN – 3 tips on strategies that you can use for marketing on LinkedIn. 
Part 4: YOUTUBE – 3 basic types of videos to consider using on YouTube.
Part 5: TWITTER - Twitter Patter – Does Marketing with Twitter Matter?

This Recap is just one feature covered in the latest issue of Johnson Direct’s Marketing that’s Measurable eNewsletter. If you didn’t receive your copy, please subscribe to ensure you don’t miss a future issue. In the meantime, catch up on the hot topics covered in the July/August issue.

Denise B. Hearden
eMarketing Director
Johnson Direct

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