Five Ways To Compete Smarter

Years ago, before Northwestern University seemed capable of recruiting a “real” college football team, the Wildcats’ fans would stand in frustration near the end of yet another blow-out loss and shout:

Laugh now. Someday you’re
gonna work for us!

The implication was obvious – they didn’t have much of a football team because they were actually students and smarter than the jocks. They would have the lower score after four quarters but they’d win in the game of life and careers. Being “Smarter” can still work to your advantage.

You can defeat the big guys by competing and marketing smarter. At the risk of sounding like a commercial for Johnson Direct, I’m going to show you how we employ the “smarts” to help folks just like you achieve unbelievable results while spending less.

1: We take fact-based research and combine it with our own proprietary approach, Direct Branding™, to achieve unparalleled market penetration and success. It takes a little longer to do the research, but pays big dividends in the long haul.

2: We then use the information gleaned from our research to examine a number of variables: who is your customer base made of, where do they come from, what are their business practices, what attributes make them distinctly yours, and why do they buy from you?

3: Next, we develop a sophisticated marketing schematic that allows mappings of a variety of business attributes that differentiate you from your competitors. We use a “test centric” approach, a process, that determines what works and what doesn’t, and which allows you to market smarter year after year. This allows us to determine which markets you should spend your money in … and just as importantly, which markets to avoid.

Consequently, you are able to compete very aggressively with larger companies that outspend you 10, 20, even 50 times or more by marketing to the areas where people are most likely to buy from you.

This approach has proven itself time and again to be very powerful. It’s a unique approach because it combines fact-based research and years of experience in achieving awesome success. It is so successful that we are now dealing with clients both nationally and internationally who might not have even considered us in the past. Why? Results. It really works!

4: This is very important! Don’t look at failure as a bad thing. It’s an opportunity to learn. Never be afraid of learning! As Albert Einstein said, “Anybody who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

5: Remember, while this approach is greatly effective and certainly the hallmark of Johnson Direct, there are new ways being developed every day to compete smarter. Be open to them. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

Outsmarting the competition requires perseverance, courage, patience and wit. If you’re ready to face this battle, be prepared to sink more time, resources and intellectual blood, sweat and tears into a new, smarter and more competitive game plan.

Grant A. Johnson

Johnson Direct LLC