Marketing Success ‘Boyles’ Down to the Basics

(As seen in this week’s E-centric enewsletter) It seems as e-communication evolves and proliferates, becoming more accessible and sophisticated, often marketers react by making their messages more comprehensive and thus complex. Instead, we should look at the growing landscape and plethora of e-media options as an opportunity to get back to the basics.

It’s imperative marketers recognize that customers and prospects get inundated with thousands and thousands of marketing messages each and every day. As such, our brains shift into overload mode and tune out the vast majority of these communications. Customers and prospects are all skeptical because of the sheer volume of marketing to which they are exposed.

So, where do you begin your travels back to the land of the basics? You start by making your messaging more about your audiences (less complicated) and more testable. READ ARTICLE  (by Grant A. Johnson)