Vegas Gambling with New Tagline

Can a tagline really generate more business for you? The city of Las Vegas thinks so.They think by changing their tagline they will drive the tourists back. How silly. With the economy the worst it’s been in nearly 30 years, and with “recession proof” industries like gambling suffering this time around, Vegas is hurting for business. They are switching from “What Happens Here, Stays Here” to “Vegas Bound”.

I do have some advise for Vegas.

Why not ditch the “Vegas Bound” tag and really drive home the value people can get. “Vegas: The best vacation bargain around!” Sexy, heck no. Effective? With the right subhead and testimonials and pricing packages featured it sure would be. Drive them to some websites you test. And, let’s consider media channels. Why not test and perfect the messaging through email and web and then roll out after you figure out quickly what’s working and what’s not? That’s what testing can do for you: show you what works and make you more successful. It’s marketing dollars wisely spent because in not only saves you money long-term, but makes more money for you as well.

In a recession you need to market to your past customers first, but in this insane world most people seem to forget that and ignore the folks who made them successful in the first place. How about a viral campaign or a “Exclusive friends and family promotion?” Use the responders to then create viral buzz about the promotion and the real value and get prospects very excited? Give them the same offer that worked to drive people to the desert.

What’s the tagline you’d use? Or, is “Vegas Bound” your favorite? What approach would you take?

Grant A. Johnson
Johnson Direct LLC