Give Your Public Relations (PR) an Electronic Facelift

ePR-buttonTwenty years ago, public relations – to most people – meant the spreading and sharing of information and news to the general public. If a company wanted to announce a merger to their stakeholders, they would write a press release and then begin the process of submitting to print publications and news outlets for distribution, most often via snail mail. This process would often take days at a time.

Fast forward to today and the core function and purpose of PR has not changed much – it still entails spreading information to maintain a relationship with the general public.  However, the tactics of HOW that information is shared have changed dramatically. You could say that PR has gotten an “e-facelift” for a digital era.

Have your PR efforts been renovated for today’s digital world? If you’re not sure, read on…

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B2B Blogging: How to Build a Benefit-rich Blog Post

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Reality check: Yesthere are dozens of reasons your business should be blogging. You’re well on your way if you’ve got your blog established with SEO and social sharing features already in place. Great job. And, as a blogger, you’re sharing your expertise and positioning yourself as a leader in your industry. Good for you.

Now, it’s time for a gut check: are your blog posts benefit-rich? Business-to-business bloggers often struggle to write posts that are helpful and applicable to target audiences. Sometimes the root of the problem is lack of content ideas. Other times, the challenge is to turn a topic idea into an objective, relevant piece.


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The White Paper: Guidance For Creating This Coveted Content

A white paper can be an invaluable piece of content for nearly any business organization. Its application opportunities are boundless, and offering a complimentary copy of the paper can generate highly qualified sales leads. But to enjoy long term success with a white paper strategy, you must create content that’s credible and compelling.

There’s no replacing the expertise and efficiency that a professional PR writer offers, especially when creating an easy-to-read yet seriously thorough piece of content like a white paper. However, there is a formula you can use to ensure your topic ideas are on par and your organization is prepared to contribute toward an authentic guide to help your target audiences solve a problem or make an important decision.

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Seven Tips for Writing Captivating Case Studies

When developed properly, case studies are a smart public relations and marketing tool that can help generate leads that translate into sales. Illustrating how your product or service helped a customer solve a challenge provides proof to others that you can achieve results.

The recipe for effective case study writing includes one part art and one part science. Typical case studies follow a challenge-solutions-results format. Start by identifying the issue; next, move on to explain how the problem was solved; and then, follow with the outcomes.

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Improve Your Next New Product Launch Campaign with these 3 Strategies

Here are a few simple facts you probably already know:

  • A new product launch deserves media attention.
  • A well planned, developed and executed product launch will generate positive, buzzworthy press within your industry.
  • A proactive PR campaign can generate 25% more sales leads for a new product launch.

What you might not realize is that PR is likely the glue that holds together your entire multichannel product launch campaign. Here’s what you need to know before embarking on your next new product launch campaign.

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