About Rob Trecek

Rob Trecek
With over 20 years of integrated marketing experience including database and print/mail management , Rob manages the continued growth of JD as Director of Business Development. Rob works to identify prospects and cultivate relationships that can make a positive impact on businesses.

Overdrive Selling

Harley Davidson salesman helping motorcycle customer

I had the pleasure of hearing a presentation by Mark Rodgers earlier this year at a breakfast meeting. Mark is a principal partner of the Peak Performance Business Group, which helps clients accelerate their sales, marketing and management efforts, achieving astonishing results. He works with a lot of Harley-Davidson dealerships across the country. I just got around to reading the book he was pitching, “Accelerate The Sale, Kick-Start Your Personal Selling Style To Close More Sales, Faster.”

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Spit Out Old Tennis Balls

During the holidays I actually had the time to read a fascinating book. It was a motivational way to start the New Year. Kody Bateman’s powerful book, Promptings: Your Inner Guide to Making a Difference, takes the reader on a heartfelt journey action-packed with stories that teach you important life lessons. Here is an example: Kody has a black lab named Gus. As with most labs, Gus likes to play fetch. Kody loves to walk in the back yard after work bouncing a tennis ball. As soon as Gus notices the ball he goes crazy. Continue reading

Are Your Clients Singing Your Praises?

A couple weeks back I had the distinct pleasure of heading out on a Midwest road trip with our Pres/CEO Grant Johnson.  We were making stops to see clients in Chicago, Grand Rapids, Lansing and Detroit. We journeyed through the great state of Michigan by car and Grant came well prepared with his Ipod packed with 4,000 plus songs. Continue reading