Pay Attention to Your Media Mix

Old habits die hard.

Take the out-dated and inefficient mass media model to advertising along with its corresponding mindset. No longer works. It hasn’t in years.

Or, the single-channel preference that so many direct marketers still insist on using in hopes that the results will return to the glory days of the 1970s and 1980s. Times have changed.

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Make Mail Part of Your 2013 Integrated Marketing Plan

Direct mail’s role in a well-executed, integrated marketing plan can be significant. In this Chief Marketer article, Grant shares two case studies demonstrating the powerful results achieved by a truly multichannel direct marketing approach, including — but not limited to — direct mail. He also divulges four tips to help you effectively add direct mail to your marketing mix for 2013.

Is your brand really Working It?

What does it mean when something works? I mean really works? I’ve had plenty of cars that “worked”; unfortunately they worked my checkbook harder than they did as transportation. I’m driving one now as a matter of fact. Just because they are running does not mean that they work efficiently. It’s the same way for too many marketing programs today.

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